Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 55

Some talk of spending the afternoon looking at furniture on the West Side.  We need a new dining table, so it's got to be done.  Still, looking at furniture is not among the tasks I look forward to.  Maybe the dining table will present itself within the first twenty minutes and we can spend the rest of the time dancing and singing.  Seems unlikely.

I of course ended up watching some of the Royal Wedding, despite making no effort to do so.  Much like the NFL Draft.  It's something I would never care about ordinarily, but which, through the mass efforts of a large portion of society, I've somehow come to care about.  ESPN's relentless plugging of their own coverage of the draft is done, I know, to help their ratings.  In three weeks--maybe three days--no one will care who picked who in the third round.  Still I found myself watching for almost an hour yesterday, enduring the loathsome Mel Kiper just so I could learn where various people I've never heard of and don't care about will end up playing football.  Very odd.  

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