Thursday, March 10, 2016

What Was the First Recording To Become a Gold Record?

I'm losing my mind a little bit.  I've decided to go on Jeopardy!  That means I've decided I need to learn all the trivia information I have previously not known.  That means I spend all day memorizing.  Every location and date of every Summer and Winter Olympics?  Check.  Every State nickname.  Every body of water.  Every mountain.  Check check check check check.  Every Best Picture winner. Check.  Every Best Actor and Actress Winner?  Not yet, but we're working on it.

It becomes a way of thinking where everything is a question that leads to everything else.  My wife mentions Say Anything.  I think: Cameron Crowe, married to Ann Wilson.  Heart.  What were their singles?  What were their hit albums?  What other films did Crowe direct? Did he ever win an Oscar?  Was he ever nominated?  Who won on the years he was nominated?  And it just goes on and on.  "Take My Breath Away" is on the radio.  Oscar winning song from Top Gun--obvious--but somehow I forget who sang it (Berlin--though they didn't write it.  But the writers are too obscure to be asked about, Thank God).

I don't know when I'll take the test--I'm thinking in a month--but the test isn't the issue.  The test is easy.  I passed it easily in 1999, without any study.  The problem is, there's often only a lag of one or two weeks between passing the test and being asked to go on the show.  So I need to be show ready.  That's the crux.

The point of all this is to be able to buy a new house, by the way.  We're probably moving.  We might not though. Who knows.  Does it matter?  Of course not.  What matters is being able to exactly explain and delineate all the mythic figures from Ancient Babylon.  That's what matters.  And that's what I must go do.

The answer to the title by the way: Chattanooga Choo-Choo.