Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An excellent article from David Brooks on the arrogance and folly of Clinton's campaign.   Brooks doesn't make any points you haven't thought of before, but the tenor and agility of his prose deserves respect.  And then, the subject itself....

I'm 90% likely to support McCain in the general election.  As such, it's probably in my interest to see Obama and Clinton continue to throw mud at each other for the next few months.  (Actually, most of the mud-throwing is one-way.)    But at this point, I'm ready for it to end.  Hilary's campaign has been depressing, dispiriting, and, at time, disgraceful.  I don't want to see her on TV anymore.  I don't want to read about her in the newspaper.  I want her gone from the public stage--forever.  

While I'm filling out a wish list, I also want a Playstation3.  And some of those Bose noise-cancelling headphones.  And 10,000$ in hundreds.  And....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fairly Insubstantial and Yet Intellectually Stimulating Nonetheless Type-Post

I'm sorry blogging's been so light of late. It will probably continue on like this for about the next week. I'm putting the finishing on my spec, sending out query letters, and just generally trying to move on to some new, better project. Like, say, slowly strangling myself with piano wire. Or listening to an entire Josh Groban CD. Something like that.

Some good things on the horizon: a great discussion about The Crying of Lot 49, some thoughts about In Bruges and Semi-Pro (both of which I've seen recently), a criticism of the final season of The Wire, and a translation of Pope's "Essay on Man" into Esperanto. Plus, a lot of really objectionable pornography.

In the meantime, here are some worthwhile links. First, in light of Obama and Hilary's leftist pandering to the moribund Ohio steel industry, an excellent defense of NAFTA (not like it needs it). Second, a reflection upon the inanity of Bush's drug policy. And third, puppies.