Thursday, December 4, 2014

For No Good Reason

I thought it might be interesting to list every celebrity I've seen at short-range since I've been in LA.

Criterion for 'seen' is: being near enough to be able to walk up and touch them.

In roughly chronological order:

-Carol Burnett
-Barbara Streisand, James Brolin
(same restaurant same night, both people, different tables)

-Dustin Hoffman

-Warren Beatty
(restaurant, wearing blue seersucker and looking plump)

-Heidi and Spenser
(no longer celebrities, I know, but at a Mexican restaurant--we had to sign release form to go into room where they were, b/c they were still on some reality show)

-the guy who plays Toby on the office
(at a stoplight near our old apartment, walking)

-David Caruso
(at a restaurant, at the next table.  I thought he was NOT David Caruso, and kept telling my wife how much the sad broken man sitting with the woman who was clearly a prostitute at the table next to us resembled David Caruso.  She kept making "shut it" motions at me.  Until I realized--it was David Caruso!

That was fun!)

(at my park, going to walk)

-Jack Black
(at my park, dropping off kids for soccer)

-Dave Grohl
(at a Barnes and Noble, holding one of his kids on his shoulders, wearing flannel)

-Pauly Shore
(I know, he's not really a celebrity.  But he was on a Southwest flight with me).

-Gene Simmons
(at our OLD favorite Italian restaurant, with his much younger wife.  Trying to read menu in dark by light of iPhone.)

-LeAnn Rhimes--at our NEW favorite Italian restaurant.

-Harry Hamlin--also at our NEW favorite Italian restaurant.

-Hank Baskin (but without Kendra!)
at the airport flying to LA, from Santa Fe


This feels light.  I can't recall all of them right now, but none are very interesting.  But when I think of more, I'll update.  Don't worry!