Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 28

Woke from dream in which a forceful and humorless blonde woman was testing something about my brain at a high school.  A series of questions followed by forcing me to hook up and then play a video game.  The game involved shooting large futuristic tanks.  Then a day later the woman came back and made me do it all again.  (Two of the questions were 1. what is the name for a group of cougars?  2. what is the name for a group of koi.  I now need to look and see if those animals even have group names).  Finally, during 2nd test, I snapped.  It was when she asked me to hook up the game console again.  There were dozens of grey wires and I was wearing some kind of goggles over my glasses that kept causing them to dig into my brow.  I told her I wouldn't take the test, I wanted to know where she was from, and why I hadn't I gotten the results from my first test.  Then I told her I was smarter than she was.  Then I asked to see her naked.

Then I woke up.  Conrad says there is nothing less interesting than hearing other people's dreams.  Well, everyone says that.  But they sort of infect your day, and since I just woke up that's what's in my head.

It's like smoke from some building that you stayed in at night; the rest of the day that smoke smell is in your hair and shirt and clothes.

She also defined a 'koi' for me when she asked me the koi question.  That made me very angry.  I told her that I wasn't a moron; I knew what a koi was.  Although in high school I wonder if I did.

I wonder if this relates to the large amount of spicy salsa I ate last night?

* * *

A new show on a new channel (Current is the channel): Hooked on Danger.  It's about tuna fisherman in Australia and is actually pretty entertaining.  My lecture series on the canon is making me increasingly grouchy.  But I did make a dentist appointment, despite my intense desire not to.  The poison spore and all that.  Going out to dinner tonight with wife.  We probably both need some time to decompress.


JMW said...

That's true what they say about dreams, though I often wonder if it's entirely true. Like anything else, I think it depends on the material and the telling. Or maybe it's just that, as someone who dreams very vividly and multiple times every night, I hate to believe that what seems like one of the most interesting parts of who I am is actually one of the most boring.

I've actually been toying, off and on for a few years, with an idea for a novel that involves dreams on some level. Probably a bad plan.

As for the 30 days of blogging and whether or not to continue, I'll make you a deal: Starting on what would be your day 31 (Wednesday), I will also post once a day for a month. Thus giving the world two lightly read, revived blogs to enjoy. Deal?

I need to make a dentist appointment, too. Boo.

Barbara Carlson said...

Yeah! I would like that, JMW. You both have a take on the world that deserves to be blogged. Even dreams. Have you had any nightmares? they are probably more interesting to most people, esp. psychologists etc.

As for dentists and making's the KEEPING them that's so adult.

ANCIANT said...

Okay, that sounds intriguing. I'll do it as much to force you to blog as for myself. I'm with Barbara: your take on the world deserves to be set down in prose. And thanks for commenting, both of you. It's good to feel less isolated....
Thanks for the Weiwei link. I found it especially interesting to learn he had helped design the "Bird's Nest" stadium used in the China Olympics. The man seems to do it all.
I have to believe that with his international celebrity, the Chinese government won't dare to keep him permanently trapped in the country. Though, obviously I have no idea...

Dezmond said...

I have to agree with Conrad, I find other peoples' dreams rather dull. Not that mine are exciting, I just don't care what other people dream about. Although, ANCIANT, yours was rather amusing. You know what I hate? Dreams in movies or TV shows. For whatever reason, it just grinds things to a halt for me. And it seems to be sort of a cop-out, plotwise. I think 'The Sopranos' was a brilliant show, but when certain episodes would focus on Tony's dreams, I found myself very impatient to get back to the "reality" of the show.