Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 33

Well of course last night I lost all my recent deposit to online poker.  Got dealt rolled up threes in stud hi/lo and jammed all the way.  A guy made a flush on 6th street, and I didn't improve.  But I also played badly, tilted, impatient, and deserved to go broke.  All day my mind was scattered by thoughts of poker and yet again I'm glad to be done with it.

Anyone even vaguely interested in fitness or health should read this article immediately.  Eye opening, intriguing, very well written.  I was in a gym for the first few years I was out here, and giving up in the fall hasn't seemed like such a bad decision.  I do push ups and sit ups still and I jog.  These are activities that are free, and so I like them.  This article though has made me consider maybe buying some weights.  And getting back into sports of some kind--something where you use all the muscles together.

Need to go back to reading.  I started Billy Budd yesterday or the day before, and that looks promising.  I have dozens of things to read lying around.  So why do I want to buy some new books?  Happiness is always just out of hand....

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Barbara Carlson said...

One summer, John & I taught his 9-year-old nephew to play poker. He caught on pretty quickly, but suddenly said, "Oh wait!! all my cards are upside down!"