Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 30

Last day of the first 30.  Yesterday I was as mentally burned out as I've been in a while.  Was lucky to be able to work for an hour.  Tomorrow I take the day off, for the dentist and then tutoring.  That should be thrilling.

The basketball game last night (UConn/Butler) was as unenjoyable to watch as any I can recall.  To be expected when one team shoots 18% for the game.  I cannot stand Jim Calhoun and would have loved to see him lose.  Oh well.  Watching and caring about college basketball at all is pretty much the moral equivalent of, say, going to an R Kelly concert.  You can tell yourself it's just about the music, but the fact is that you're putting money in the pocket of very sketchy person.  Even in the world of bigtime college sports, basketball stands out for its shadiness.  I tend to think Div I players should be paid, or at least allowed to keep some percentage of their school's revenues.  The face saving lie that they're there for an education is one no one believes any more.

Well that's a huge overstatement, but that's okay.  I'm grouchy this morning!

Read Herodotus for a while last night, who's pretty fun, in the end.  Then, totally mind dead, I re-entered the dark world of online poker, something I've sworn not to do until I finish the play.  I only played for two hours, (stud hi/lo) and won a couple of hundred dollars.  If I can just play once a week, as a means of relaxation, it should be okay.  (The first one is always free...)

All right, I'll try to regain some imaginative powers in the next day or two.  The blog entries are definitely getting worse....


Barbara Carlson said...

How went the dentist? I get high from the novacaine and end up saying silly things to the dentist, e.g., you make me feel like a princess all the attention you give me...he just says, "hmmm." He's flattered (I like to think) but embarrassed.

My last dentist was flamboyant, something you normally don't want in a dentist. He was so proud of working on a little boy who, during the work, fell asleep. To show off, he picked up the sleeping child, walked into the waiting room where his mother promptly screamed and fainted. "I'll never do THAT again," he said.

He also kept a lit cigarette in an ashtray by the closed window, its smoke gently curling up. Something to watch. Smoke, first or second, wasn't something one bothered with in those days. (He died of lung cancer at 64.)

ANCIANT said...

Dentist is tomorrow. The last guy there has retired, which is good because I did not like him. He was a very shlocky would-be Groucho Marx type, whose conversation was a minefield of what he considered to be hilarious 'zingers.' It was like having your teeth looked at by a really bad Henny Youngman imitator. Horrible.

Barbara Carlson said...

My problem with your site is -- once I get to the comments page I can't see your post anymore.

I originally wrote "Write a riff on going to the dentist" (in ref. to your thinking your posts were getting worse) then thought that incredibly bossy, so changed it and forgot you were going tomorrow, when "How went the dentist" would be erroneous.