Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 45

Watched all six episodes of the first season of a Canadian show called Slings and Arrows last night.  The show is about a Canadian Shakespeare festival, the once-insane actor called on to direct its flagship production of Hamlet, and the various members of the cast and crew.  I tend to like "myth of the theater/show must go on" type stuff but Slings and Arrows was pretty mediocre.  I fast forwarded though a lot of it, stopping only to watch the scenes where the star of Hamlet, a young American who's come to gain  an acting pedigree after starring in big studio action films, receives from his director the coaching he needs to excel (which, of course, he does).  There's also a good scene early where the director coaches a class of marketing execs as part of some kind of "How Shakespeare Can Help You Be Better in Business" nonsense seminar put on by the theater.  That was enjoyable.  The rest of it was pretty average.

Returning to the dentist today to get some chips filled in.  Heavy overcast skies.  The Bink is yowling out the window at what seems to me an empty yard.  Who knows what he senses out there.

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