Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 50

This is short and photo-heavy, but, hey, I've posted something for 50 straight days.  If I want to go to photos for one day, I'm entitled.

The purple jacket was worn over the holidays and was, I have to say, entirely necessary (lots of rain and cold in Houston).  I like that it makes him look like a Russian cadet.

The napping stuff ('action photos' as we call them around here) features Bink in a car seat.  The car seat had to be installed and was waiting around the house, so Binks nestled into it.  The 'long white sausage' shot in the middle was taken while he slept.  He woke up as I prepared to take the photo.  As he sleeps, he extends himself into poses that are pretty remarkable.


Barbara Carlson said...

Aaaah. Binky. Sweeet!

Looks like the car seat (for him??) was made out of her hair to match him. Must have cost a pretty penny.

The sausage dog is odd -- what is he doing with his legs? They look frog-like, no... chicken wingy.

The purple ensemble is divine. In the first shot he had that look all dogs get when clothed [sheepish] but he rallied by the second and decided it was all right.

Barbara Carlson said...

That should be HIS hair. Sorry, Bink, but the cute little hat must have confused me.

Jordan said...

Actually the car seat is just foam covered with synthetic (read polyester) faux shearling. Not as glamorous as it looks, but keeps the Bink from throwing up in my car.