Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 51

I just can't help feeling like you should all be listening to The Joy Formidable.  And the reason I can't help feeling that is because it's true.  True true true.  Welsh people sing better than the rest of us.  This is well, well documented.  Now, I'll concede that their album (The Big Roar) has only four GREAT songs.  That's fine.  I'm not saying it's Outside. I'm not saying it's Low.  I'm not saying it's McGarnigle and the Peasnips go to Jackson (Allman Bros Bootleg).  But it's better than Neon Bible.  It's better than the xxWhoever.  It's better than Pavement or Dinosaur Jr (and I like Pavement!  And it's not Jay M's fault he's not Neil Young).  I know: it isn't 1997.  L Barlow is no longer extant.  That's fine.  Everybody's fine.  But why aren't you listening?  (As Christopher Walken): "Why aren't you calling?"  Look at this woman--with her bleached white hair...surely she's got passion.  I need to find a video for "Abacus."  That's their best song.


JMW said...

I like the invisible friend song a little more, but they do rock.

ANCIANT said...

Okay, I'll take that. As long as you watched the video.

I'm going to check out that Stevie Nicks, too.