Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 52

Work on Act I now involves turning sketches and drafts into polished scenes.  Polishing is taking much longer than I anticipated; all the micro problems I'd forgotten about in working out the large scale structure now reappear.  Writing a mix of engineering and physics.  In engineering you have a set problem--a chasm that needs a bridge, and a pile of material.  Your goal is to use the material to make a bridge, a nice-looking bridge ideally.  Sometimes, though, you're in pure science mode (physics).  You have a chasm and you have no material; before you can figure out how to make a bridge you have to figure out where to get the material to build it with.  Maybe you have to make it in a lab.  Maybe you have to carve it out of the rocks. But that will take other tools, and you have no tools.  Maybe you should just walk out onto the air above the chasm and hope you don't fall?

But you will fall.  You will.

New work on relationship: we've made a new rule that we must eat together at dinner table at least every other night.  Pattern of getting home and watching TV while we eat precludes conversation which is I guess the glue that holds it all together.  Sitting at table is helped by recent furniture purchases which make the dining room area less gloomy and underdeveloped.  Wife has found a great mirror which has an almost rococo frame, curving and ornate.  Helps to undercut the room's previous austerity.

Flowers are in bloom everywhere in yard.  Roses, carnations, even our cherry tree has come back to life. I should take some photos; our garden is probably the house's best feature.  We also have a beehive in the tree in the backyard.  At one point our gardener told us he could get us honey from it.  That promise seems to have fallen by the wayside.  That's fine.  We don't really eat all that much honey anyway.

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