Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 31

A late post today, what with the errands and radical change in schedule...

Dentist was fine; my old annoying guy has been replaced by a younger couple.  The woman was intense but in a good way; she obviously takes teeth very seriously.  First time I've ever been to a dentist where, after they XRay you, the XRays appear on a monitor right in front of you.  All new digital technology, she exclaimed, as proud as if she had invented it herself.  Discussing my slight bone loss (due to grinding, she believes) she said that none of it was "tragic."  Meaning, I guess, it was mostly all okay.  I have some chips which will require slight filling type work for which I go back in a week.

Then my tutoring didn't show, which leaves me the option to bill them or not.  It's a long time student who I like and who's never done this before, so I probably won't bill her.  But it's aggravating.  I left the dentist early to be there; if I hadn't, I could have gotten it all done in one day.  Grumble grumble.

My day off from writing I spent playing relaxed low stakes poker.  I didn't really care about winning, and so of course I won.  I've self excluded myself from the site to make sure I don't go back, and waste my life playing cards.  You don't want to waste your life, as Adam Duritz sings.  No, you're right, Adam.  I don't.

That was such a great album.

In the dentist's office, I got to hear the radio.  I never ever listen to the radio.  Result is that songs that most mortals are tired to death of now seem newish and available again.  "In Your Eyes," e.g.  There's a song no one ever wants to hear played again, even though we all loved it when it came out.  Well, today, it was almost like it had just come out again.  I luxuriated in Peter Gabriel's voice, as an angry weasel teeth cleaning device was jabbed in and out of my mouth.

I found a new recipe site online (Amanda Hesser's...I'll find a link another time) which has yielded some exciting new options.  Trying one out tonight.  It requires me first to find a live porcupine.  That may take some time.  Then I have to brine it (the only way to really extract the flavor from a porcupine, as all true gourmands know).  Then, the cumin.

Should be good!


Dezmond said...

I never tire of Peter Gabriel's voice. OK, I accept your challenge. Day 1 is up on my blog.

JMW said...

Well, we all made good on Day One of the promise. Nice work, gentlemen.

Barbara Carlson said...

"No Shows" HATE them. (I always take it so personally.) My partner and I invite people to our art studios (where we also live -- the whole place is devoted to studio/gallery) and occasionally -- but more happen every year as the rudeness of our times increases -- they don't come. I call them and mostly they reschedule.

I think I'll phone my client list and tell them if they give me $100 I won't call them this year, $500 I'll never call them again.

I do get a good response from my "warm calls" - 50% - but wish they didn't expect me to do all the work in this. O well. It's been working for decades and we are still here. Thriving, actually.