Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 82

Woken this morning by loud and prolonged howling.  Wife got up and for some reason left the Monster out to run around (his usual routine is to go back in kitchen lair rest area after wife wakes up and feeds).  He sat by the window, I guess, and got angry at the cats.  Too much yowling.

Finished two books yesterday--The Comedians and The Ghost Soldiers. The latter got better the more I read it; the former did not.  I'm trying to finish the Eco book but the writing is so poor it's difficult.  It actually makes me angry this book was reviewed as well as it was.  It reads as if it were written by a computer program trying to mimic English--a computer program written by someone who doesn't speak English, even.  It's filled with all sorts of glaring grammatic errors, and the prose style is muddy and awkward beyond belief.  Half the time I read it I honestly can't figure out what the meaning is supposed to be, so poorly phrased is so much of it.   How could anyone recommend this book?

I ordered nine more books online yesterday.  Tried to start reading Passage To India yesterday but it didn't do much for me.  Maybe another time.  I've ordered a lot of books on genes and natural history; I think it's time to read some non fiction.

Diet continues.  No alcohol and long walks in morning (plus cardio, etc).  I feel like I'm fighting a war against my stomach.  Every day I look down at him like he's an arch enemy.  Eventually he will be defeated.  But he is a wily and relentless opponent--he won't go quietly.

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Saxo Philologus said...

My unsolicited advice:

Lately I've seen more than one authority dispute the traditional wisdom about not eating anything three hours before going to bed. Glucose doesn't instantly turn into fat overnight, I guess.

The best exercise for losing weight is swimming. If you can find a health club with a nice pool, consider it. You don't even have to swim very hard, just for 30 minutes or so.

Also, aim for only clean carbs (brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, the occasional piece of whole wheat bread) and eliminate sugars. And for gods sake, start consuming caffeine again.

Lift weights every other day. Cardio is highly overrated as a means of improving body composition.