Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 59

New grilled shrimp recipe is a keeper, I've decided.  Only trick is to leave the shrimp on grill long enough so that they come off without sticking and yet not so long that they get overcooked.  Tricky grilling anything delicate (fish, seafood) because of their tendency to stick to grill.  Oiling helps with the first side but by the time you turn it the oil is often gone.  Ah, the problems of suburbia.

Health has been mostly great for the last few months.  Combination of eating smaller meals during the day and taking thyroid medication seems to have done it.  No more than one or two very small dizziness episodes for the last sixty days.  That's good news for my pro hockey career, obviously.

Tomorrow I want to try and reflect on 60 days of blogging.  I know the last few days posts have been more and more cursory.  Truth is, I've run out of things to say.  I'm reading Howard's End, working on my play, cooking dinner, dealing with humdrum stuff.  Sure, once in a while I take part in a shamanic initiation, or go on a drinking binge with Gerard Depardieu, but mostly it's work and domesticity.

The good news today is that our next disc of Downton Abbey arrives in the mail.  Only three episodes on one disc, but still.  That's more than three hours of goodness.  Can't wait!


Cartooniste said...

ANCIANT. I feel very strongly that you should write a novel.


ANCIANT said...

I feel strongly that I will, just not this year. I have one already that's 1/4 done, with an outline for most of the rest of it in my head. But now it's the play. That's the thing, wherein to catch the conscience of the...whoever...

Cartooniste said...

Well sure. Plays are where the cash money's at.

Caaaaaaash. Money.

Novel, ANCIANT. It's time. It can be tinkered on while the play is being finished.

Someone back me up, here. JMW? Dez? Come on people. ANCIANT is a stubborn man. I can't do it alone.