Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 57

Just found out that one of my SAT students didn't do great on a practice test he took on Saturday.  The kid is 13, trying to get in the 600s (or 700s) on Math and Verbal to get into various high level summer programs they run for the gifted and ambitious.  He did okay on the test, but no better, score-wise, than he did six months ago.  Which obviously does not reflect well on me.  Of course, I also found out that his mother let him stay up till midnight the night before the test and that he was exhausted going in.  So now I'm trying very subtly to pin the blame on her, while she, very subtly, is trying to pin it on me.  What fun!  (I say things like "if you weren't such a bad mother--and a bad person, really--this might not have happened.  Did you think of that?")

I feel like I should say something about us getting Bin Laden, but I'm not sure what that is.  I want to play the South Park song ("America!") but I have to go find it.  I guess what I wonder is how much of it is a symbolic thing and how much difference it will actually make in helping us be more safe.  I don't know any more about the issue than what I read in the paper, but it seems to me that in recent years Bin Laden has been more of a figurehead than an actual mastermind/director of terrorist attacks.  He's had to keep hidden and that's kept him out of the loop, as far as planning terrorist acts goes.  None of which is to say that I'm not celebrating his capture.  I am.  (I love America!)  I only wonder if it's going to have any meaningful impact in the war on terror, or whatever we're calling it now.

But it's good to know American Special Forces can kick ass, when the time comes.  Go Joe!


Barbara Carlson said...

MSNBC reported that there were several plans presented to the President. His advisers were divided and some didn't support the chosen plan because of inherent risks. One of the other suggestions was to bomb the compound. Pres. Obama decided. He chose the plan that spared women and children and led to a positive identification of bin Laden's body. He decided and the military skillfully carried the operation to a successful end.

Very cool cat. He gave nothing away at the WH Correspondents dinner the night before.

Great stand-up by him & Seth Meyers. LOL funny.
Pwned Trump real good.

ANCIANT said...

That is funny.

There was a great image on Sullivan's blog, to the effect of "Sorry it took me so long to get the birth certificate; I was too busy killing Bin Laden."