Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 73

Got back from Joshua Tree on Monday afternoon.  Hoping to put up many photos as well as a blog post from travel companion and stalker of the dusky chipmunk, Johannes.  If not, I'll post about it myself, but not at this moment.   The very short summary was that the trip was great in many ways; the music was only a small part of the enjoyment, and there was much merriment and a certain amount of paintings of rabbits with antlers.  Jackalopes, as it were.  Also, an iron sculpture of the head of a bull.  And a large dodecahedral building (at the festival) painted purple, meant to represent an amethyst, that was supposed to channel and direct the energies of the universe to anyone who sat inside.  The inside was painted green.  Something to do with the different chakras that green and purple represent, respectively.  I don't know.  The festival, in other word, was a thing of for and by hippies, but LA hippies more than San Fran hippies.  So, more yoga and insane philosophy (something called the 528 movement, which I have to research) and less "groovy let's end the war by meditating."  Although there was some of that too.

But it was all pretty great.  And I will post more about it soon including, I hope, some photos.  (Johannes was a madman with the camera).


Barbara Carlson said...

click on this: (Re 528 Hz)

ANCIANT said...

That didn't do much for me. Was it supposed to? I'm just reading about the 528 movement now. Interestingly, one of the musicians associated with it (Scott Huckaby, or some such) was playing at Joshua Tree.

JMW said...

I want more about the trip. Very disappointed that I wasn't along. But that just means we have to do Vegas before too long.