Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 69

About to hit the road to Joshua Tree. Yesterday had some good mojo, including a visit to a 'doctor' who told me she liked to round down blood pressure numbers from odd to even ("I like to round down to the even number") and a store with a weekly fight night run by an amateur cage fighter (Johannes got in there and threw him around, just to show him).  Wife got home very late, unfortunately, but still time for good banter and shenanigans.

Idea for a skit we came up with: before (or after) the wave of beaver trapper come to canada, a wave of porcupine trappers.  Try to make coats out of the fur, find they're painful and unpleasant to wear.  Then, hit upon the beavers instead.

Back in two days.  Electric hippies, here we come...

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