Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 63

Back to work today after a day of errands (contact lens issues) and tutoring.  The White Noise session was even more painful than I anticipated; luckily my student had a good handle on what she wanted to say and we didn't have to work too long.  No caffeine yesterday which meant I slept long and deep and now feel great.  Dreams were intense and weird but I won't go into them.  I'm getting near the end of Howard's End but I'm going to wait and post about it when I've done.  I'm resolved to finish at least three of the books I have going right now in the next week.  Eco's History of Beauty will be next, and then James Tate's book of poetry (which is starting to grow on me).   Discovered yesterday that our back yard now holds a second bee hive (we've had one from the time we moved in).  Seems like a lot of bees for one yard.  On one hand, they're good for the plants.  On the other hand, they are bees.  May need to have that taken care of, though I'd prefer to just ignore it.  That's the best way most of the time, I find.  Just ignore things, and let 'em fix themselves.


Barbara Carlson said...

Please don't kill them. The world needs every single bee. There are companies that will come in and transport them elsewhere. My sister's friend is saving up $3000 to have them removed from the inside walls of her house! They are benign but loud.

ANCIANT said...

Really? Is there a bee shortage? I didn't know. I thought we had an overabundance already.

Do I have to pay these companies, do you think?

This is a subject I know nothing about.

Ah, home ownership!

Barbara Carlson said...

Bee populations are WAY down in some areas threatening crop production. If the bees go, so do 40% of man's foods which must be pollinated by bees.

Dezmond said...

Barbara is right. There is actually a bee crisis, due to their mysterious drop in numbers.

Johannes said...

Is no one concerned about the fact that they live in our walls!?! Now that's interesting and a little scary. Imagine showing your house only to see honey dripping from your walls like haunted blood and having to answer why there's an incessant buzzing emanating from your walls. How creepy would that be(e)? I mean, I love honey and honey combs like a Yosemite bear, but I don't want to get it from my dry wall.

Screw you guys, I'm renting forever.

Cartooniste said...

A colony of bees set up shop in the wall of my bedroom when I was a teenager. i could hear them vibrating when I pressed my ear to the drywall. It was like being in a Matthew Barney movie.