Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 80

Going to get my tux altered for an upcoming wedding I had the unpleasant experience of learning that I have gained so much weight that the pants are beyond alteration.  Sweet lord how depressing.  I started a diet last week but I guess it'll take a long long time to get down to where I was when I married.  I've been trying to find a tennis clinic group out here but the coach keeps offering me times that conflict with my tutoring.  I think he's given up on me as a result.  The real key for me is eating dinner no later than 6:30.  That, however, is often not possible if I want to eat with the wife.  Stephen Fry seems to have a lost a lot of weight by walking every day.  Maybe that's a way to go.  Not that I don't exercise.  I do.  But clearly I need to do more.  How else will I be able to appear in Milan for the 2012 collections?

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