Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Addendum Link

Couldn't help it.  I love this--it's the ONLY bracket in the entire a-billion-people-enter-it ESPN Final Four contest to have correctly predicted ALL of the final four teams.

Here's an article about the guy who made the picks in the Times.

Kind of a miracle, I think.  Fascinating to look at.


JMW said...

There were actually two sheets on ESPN (out of 5.9 million!!!!) that had the final four right, but the other guy's was so riddled with ridiculousness that he's not even in contention! He had a 16 beating a 1, etc. He put Richmond, Fla. St., and VCU in the sweet 16 (getting all of them right in that region!), but didn't put Kansas there! It's kind of amazing to look at:

Basically, neither of these guys know anything. No one does, but that's the point. Both of them hit the lottery, basically.

ANCIANT said...

You're right, John, I should have mentioned the other guy's bracket too.

It is all luck, I know, but I can't help wondering how anybody could pick VCU to make the Final Four. That somehow seems beyond luck to me.

JMW said...

Well, think of all the people (women and men) who fill out their office bracket every year and put some alma mater or go by mascot or just think VCU sounds cool. There are thousands and thousands of these every year. In fact, we're just talking about the people who got all four right -- but 5,791 people in the ESPN pool had VCU in the final four.