Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 10

Self imposed deadline for Act I has come and gone.  Act I is not done.  It's more done that it was, but it's not done.  Hopefully I'll have time to polish it as I move forward with Acts II and III, both of which are shorter.

Watched I Know Where I'm Going yesterday, a Powell/Pressburger film about a resolute and somewhat bossy Englishwoman who goes to the Western Isles of Scotland to be married to a wealthy industrialist.  Unable to find a boat to take her to the Isle where the soon-to-be husband resides, she's forced to remain on the mainland with the Isle's true Laird, who's on a leave from World War II.  They fall in love, of course.   I typically love all the Powell/Pressburger movies, and this one was no exception.  (Though I would put it below their masterpiece, A Matter Of Life And Death.)

Finished As I Lay Dying.  Impression of Faulkner in no way improved by the experience.  The characters and many of the story points work (especially moving was when Anse sells Jewel's horse, and the pharmacist who takes advantage of Dewey Dell) but the frequent shifts into a poetical philosophical register ("I am not I" and such) feels like something from a sophomore creative writing class.  Where others find him profound, I find him affected and not a small bit silly.  Now it's back to Crime and Punishment, a book I'm enjoying quite a bit more than I expected to.

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