Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 17

Crime and Punishment going well, revealing its greatness to me finally.

If there is one word that could be used in almost any scene in any novel by Dostoevsky to describe the characters, it is 'irritable.'  People are either irritable or irritated ALL the time.

Ended up watching the first thirty minutes of Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience" last night.  Movie became a minor cause celebre at the time it was released because of Soderbergh's decision to use a porn star (Sasha Gray) for leading role of a high end Manhattan escort.  I had low expectations for movie, having seen Gray in the last season of Entourage (where she was fairly horrible).  However, the movie (at least its beginning) seemed highly promising.  I was disappointed to have to go to bed; hopefully I'll finish it soon.

Wife's birthday is today (Happy Birthday, Sweetie!)  To celebrate, we're going to Red O, a much ballyhooed new Mexican restaurant recently opened by star chef Rick Bayless.  To get a reservation I had to call in February.  Should be interesting; if the food doesn't live up to its near-ecstatic reviews, at least the experience should be intriguing.  I'll try to write about it tomorrow.


Barbara Carlson said...

Bon appetit! Hope you're not irritated; it's a petty emotion. If you are, you must rally.

P.S. I left comments on Days 14, 15 & 16.
I am out of the habit of looking at your sight every day.

ANCIANT said...

Thanks, Barbara. I've read all the comments.

We'd love to train Bink not to go insane at arrival of guests, but it's not that easy (at least for us). I've watched and enjoyed Cesar Milan, but I'm not sure his methods can be readily employed by non-experts. It is something we should look into, but something we neither of us have done yet.