Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 9

Woke up light-headed and have stayed that way.  Feelings of anxiety over Act I of play woke me up in middle of night.  Well, feelings of anxiety over Act I of play plus excessive amounts of Scotch drunk the night before (to allay my feelings of anxiety over Act I of play) woke me up last night.  Scotch drinking probably responsible for morning's dizziness.  Fine.  DEFINITELY responsible for morning's dizziness.  Dizziness in no way improved by reading fifty pages of As I Lay Dying.  Dizziness, in fact, probably increased by reading said pages.

I have an unusually sharp interest in the NCAA Tournament this year.  Probably it's because whenever I want a break from writing I watch ESPN and the last month ESPN has shown nothing but college basketball.  As a result, I watched stretches of five or six games from the Big East and ACC Conference Tournaments.  I also just watched ESPN's fairly subpar doc on the Fab Five.  Wonder how different my life would have been if I had let myself be recruited by Steve Fisher, and gone on to play serious college basketball.  I guess I'll never know....

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