Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Of Best Ofs

At Criterion Collection they now feature "Best Of" movie lists compiled by notable figures in filmmaking ("Top Ten" it's called).  The movies selected come only from the the Criterion Collection so you won't see, for example, The Godfather on anyone's list.  Still it makes for fascinating reading, not only for the recommendations themselves but for what light they and the attending comments shed on the people making them.  Richard Linklater's list has only made me respect him more; James Franco, on the other, comes off as even more of an irritating, self-satisfied 'artiste' than I had already imagined him to be.

Anyway, well worth browsing, if for no other reason than get to some ideas for movies to add to the netflix queue. Wes Anderson, Jane Campion, Joe Mantagena, Nicolas Roeg--they're all up there.  Check it out.  

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