Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 12

I worked till about 9:30 last night, coming up with material that is somewhere on the border between inspired and insane.  I created a fake tv show about an alien planet where two organizations compete to sell people reproduction-enabling spores, and a cult formed in the 50s by a housewife which in the present is spawning two rival sects, each interpreting a different one of her writings in a different way.  Watched Le Trou, a two hour prison break film set in a French jail.  Lots of shots of people chipping at concrete with iron bars.

I'm creatively drained but I have to work till two today.  Then I go to tutor my 13 year old, who's taking the SAT as part of a gifted and talented program.

NBC's new show, Perfect Couples, is growing on me.  And Parks and Rec has become my favorite show on TV.  I hope neither is cancelled.  The latter is one of the best written, most creative shows on TV.

Ok, time to go get a sausage/egg sandwhich, watch ten minutes of NCAA, and go to work.

Morehead State!  What a good game that must have been.  Wish I'd seen it... (For some reason I foolishly taped the St. John's game, which turned out to be over by the first half).

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