Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 7

We went furniture shopping for some of the afternoon today, trying to find both a mirror and dining room table.  Since moving into the house in 2008 we've made only sporadic efforts to decorate.  Next weekend, however, two of the wife's friends from work are coming over to dinner.  Their visit has sparked in us a renewed enthusiasm for making the house look...if not good, then at least not terrible.

I would way rather go to one large furniture than seven small ones.  Driving up and down Ventura Blvd looking for tables makes me thirsty.  On Ventura itself: several larger furniture stores about to close up shop, the recent economic downturn too much to bear.  "Stephanie's Psychic Services", on the other hand, seems to be okay.  The window display for Stephanie's business consisted of a large plastic "Hello Kitty" looking cat standing in front of dingy white backdrop.  Who goes to these places?


Dezmond said...

Recently unemployed former furniture salespeople.

Cartooniste said...

A friend passed through NYC when L and I were there last year. She said she wanted to do two important things before we went out for dinner: the first, was get her eyebrows threaded. The second, she wanted to visit a psychic. Okay, I said.

First, we went and got our eyebrows threaded by friendly Indian women. Verdict? Awesome. As a brunette and amply browed woman, I should have been doing it all along. Also cheap! Epic win.

Then we stopped in to one of those NYC shopfront psychics that manage to be everywhere. I had to wait in the dingy stairwell (mirrored, which was weird), as her "reading" was just for her. I could hear clearly through the door. My friend has been miserable and depressed. The psychic just listened. My friend cried. The psychic told her that these were tough times, but she saw good things in her future. After a few minutes, my friend emerged.

Frankly, given how much psychotherapy costs, dropping $30 on a shopfront psychic might not be such a bad idea. No appointment necessary. Open late. And they listen.