Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Two

Tutoring last week I was asked to define the word "jejune."  When the student compared it with a definition in her book, there was a discrepancy.  Turns out, I've gone all these years thinking jejune meant immature/foolish, when it actually means something more along the lines of vapid, empty, lacking substance.  Never too old to learn, I guess.

Of course, I told the student her book was wrong.  (No, no).

* * *

Yesterday I jogged two miles for the first time in a year.  I've gotten pretty out of shape since I stopped playing tennis, but last fall I started running again.  I've been only running a mile and a half at a time; yesterday was the first time I got it up to two.  Then I came home and ate pasta and drank wine--just like the triathletes do!

* * *

Last night, watching Nature on PBS I decided that if I were forced to become some animal other than a human, I would be a snow leopard.  That's an animal I need to know more about.  You don't see many of them in California for some reason.  Maybe they don't like the political climate?

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