Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 9

One more hand from Vegas.  I don't know if I could have played this better or not.  Like to hear some feedback.  Also about the prior post.

Game: 2/5.  We hold about 900$.  Have been at the table about an hour and have not done anything especially exciting.

We're on the button with AA.  One player limps UTG.  Cutoff makes it 25.  We call (?!).  UTG folds.

Flop is: Ah  5c 9d.  

Cutoff bets 40.  We call.

Turn is: Kc.

Cutoff bets 65.  We raise to 150.  Cutoff folds.

Cutoff is the irritating type of player who always can explain to everybody every single strategic move made by two players in hand--and does, as soon as it's over.  (E.g.: "I knew he didn't have an ace because he'd never bet the ace there, he'd just check." OR: "You had to either be betting to push me off a chop or for value and I knew you couldn't be betting for value because I had the ace." etc etc.)  We're only played two prior hands.  In one he raised and I called pre flop, then folded when an ace hit the flop.  (I had JQ).  In the second hand I raised the button with AQ: he called me out of position and then called me down on an AQ high board before making a crying call on the river with what was clearly a bad ace.  (Before he called he said "it feels a lot like you have AQ here."  Then, after making the call he bragged about how clever he'd been to identify my hand).

Anyway, back to this hand.  I smooth called pre in order to disguise my strength, obviously.  The flop was a dream; when he bet both it and the turn, I figured he almost certainly had an Ace.  My hope was that he might have AK and the turn had given him two pair--a hand I didn't see him getting away from very cheaply against my set (especially given how I'd played it).  I guess he must have had a hand like AJ or something, in which case I wonder if I should have smooth called one more street and hoped he maybe made two pair on the river.  I didn't have any real draws to fear--very unlikely he had a backdoor straight or flush draw given the betting.  So, I don't know.  Not sure what to think.

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