Friday, September 12, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 13

The received opinion seems to suggest that Nas's Illmatic is "the greatest" hip-hop album ever.  Obviously, that's a subjective assessment, but there is widespread consensus among hip-hop cognoscenti that Illmatic is a high point in hip-hop history.  I've seen it compared several times now to Kind of Blue.  So, that's what I'm going to to be listening to this week.  We'll see.

I also have a whole host of NFL predictions, for which I know you all hunger.  Here are a few.
1.  The Indianopolis Colts will finish 8-8 or 9-7; they will not make the playoffs.
2.  Blake Bortles will pan out; he'll be a success as an NFL quarterback.
3. The St. Louis Rams and New York Giants will finish with the league's worst records.


JMW said...

I'm in a pool for which you pick all the games every week, and weight them from 16 to 1 (or whatever) based on your confidence in the pick. The point spreads do not come into play. You either win or lose straight up. After two weeks, I am 12-19 picking those games. 12-19! Without the spread!! The worst start of my career, by far. The NFL games are coin flips these days. Of course, I'm seven games below a coin flip's expected outcome. But still. The league is insane.

I disagree with you about the Colts. They'll win at least 10 and make the playoffs.

Worst record will be Raiders, Jaguars and maybe Vikings.

ANCIANT said...

The Colts just have too many injuries, and too terrible an O-line. That's my thought. Yes, Luck is great. But is that enough? We'll see.

Jaguars and Raiders, yes. I forgot about those two. You may be right. They will be both be pretty bad.