Monday, September 22, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 17

I finished a mystery novel last night (Deadheads by the guy I've been reading on and off--Reginald Hill. Who's great, btw) in which, at the end, the criminal who'd been murdering everybody WAS NOT CAUGHT.  He got away!  I was surprised to discover how angry I felt, putting it down.  I mean, I know it's fiction. I know that Patrick Alderman doesn't exist; that he didn't really get away with anything.  But, somehow, it infuriated me.   Was it because of the character's skating free of justice, or because I felt tricked and used, somehow, by the writer?   A lot of great writing is about defeating or surprising readerly expectations.  But in this case, having my expectation so was not enjoyable at all.

I wonder if he got angry letters after the book came out. He must have. I'm angry still.

I heard "Slit Skirts" by Pete Townshend on the radio today.  It took me back to high school, when I used to listen to two of his solo albums constantly.  And how well the song holds up!  Although now, now longer a teen-ager, I find its deep sadness and loneliness affects me in a way it never did in high school.  But, I'm going to revisit those albums, I think. "Can't pretend that growing older never hurts."


Dezmond said...

Is the other one 'Empty Glass'?

ANCIANT said...

It is indeed. And if I remember right it was you who got me into one or both of them.

Dezmond said...

I have always been a big proponent of 'Chinese Eyes,' so if I did get you into one, it would have been that one.

While not on the same level as those two, I have always liked 'White City' as well.