Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 10

Well since none of you wretched excuses for friends has responded to any of my prior posts in anything near the depth or wisdom I'd expected, I'm not much disposed to continue to bestow on you the ripe and succulent fruits of my intelligence.  Fruits are for winners!

But I did think of another problem I have with Breaking Bad: in the crucial "Ozymandias" episode (the antepenultimate one, I believe--in which Hank is killed by the biker nazis), there's a moment where the biker gang dudes call out, to Hank and his partner, "Gomey", something to the effect of "Show us your [DEA] badges, and we won't shoot."  Prior to that, recall, Hank has announced that he's a cop but hasn't shown any proof.  Now, possibly we're meant to understand that the bikers are lying here--that, badges or not, they're still going to shoot.  But it's very unclear that that's the case--and certainly, given the straits Hank and Gomez are in at that point--massively outnumbered, and about to die--you'd think they'd at least give it a shot, and show their badges.  But they don't.  Why not?  Another story flaw, says I.

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