Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 20

A few days ago my wife, going outside to start her car in the morning (she parks on the street) found it making a horrible and upsetting noise.  Something was obviously horribly wrong, and she didn't know what.  She knew, though, that she couldn't drive it and so she came back inside and called AAA, to have it towed.

It turns out that the reason it was making such disgusting noises was that its catalytic converter had been stolen.  This apparently is a very common crime; catalytic converters have platinum in them (we learned) which can resell for upwards of 500$.  It turns out my wife knows half a dozen people who've also had THEIR c converters stolen--one of them from the parking lot of their work, during lunch.

Our insurance paid for it be replaced (minus the deductible) and it turned out to be not a big deal.  From now on we're going to have my wife park in our driveway.  Also I've attached a series of poison darts to the underside of her car; if anyone tries to mess with it, they'll taste the wrath of justice.  But there you go.  Life in the city.  The criminal element.  Rust never sleeps.

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