Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Morning

-If anyone wants to bet with me on Obama winning the election, I will give them the Republican field. I will take Obama. And we can bet as much as you want.

-The new season of Downton Abbey has begun.  Through my wife, we have the entire second season on DVD.  Last night we watched the first two episodes.  So far I'd say it's just as good as the first season.  World War I has started.  Matthew is at the front and the aristocratic women of the Abbey have begun to exit their cosseted environs and interact with the wider, working world.  The old characters have come back and a few new ones have entered the fold.  Matthew has a fiancee; the brooding bad-tempered lady's maid, O'Brien, seems to have found a softer side (slightly softer anyway; she still torments a new maid who gets above her station with a host of made-up chores); and Bates, as usual, is making honorable sacrifices for the good of the household.  The Bates storyline, so far, is my least favorite--can't we just let the man have a little happiness?--but that's a small criticism.  This season looks as good as the last.

-Two hours yesterday of American History, on the founding of the Colonies all the way through the Revolution.  This after I spent the weekend reading about Teddy Roosevelt, Progressivism, and the First World War.  Oh well.  I mostly remembered what we were doing.  The US was founded by Greek merchants, I think.  And Egyptologists looking for alien ruins.  Then, we fought against Libya and founded a new nation, using a constitution we'd stolen wholecloth from Erasmus.  That may not be completely accurate but it's close enough for a high school student.

I shouted several times at the TV while watching the game last night.  Am I ridiculous to believe we have a shot to beat the Ravens?  If we do, we could get home field advantage back for the AFC Championship (if the Steelers end up as our opponent, that is).  Man, it's been a long time since I watched a sporting contest and actually CARED who won.

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