Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, January Something or Another

The long weekend studying American History ends today with, sadly, Reconstruction.  Perhaps no topic in American History is less enjoyable to contemplate.  Dispirited, uninspiring people giving up on any chance of actually effecting the goals for which the Civil War was fought.  Drunkenness, pettiness, idiocy.  It's not going to be an exciting morning.

Above is a video I found on Browser.  I dedicate it to my Wife, who has to spend a lot of her life listening to presentations on Power Point.  I have not had that privilege, but my guess is that the video is accurate.  Feel free, my readers, to let me know if I'm wrong (or add in any missing bits).


JMW said...

I've been doing some Civil War reading, and still have some more to do, but when I'm done with it I'm going to read Eric Foner's big book on Reconstruction. I look forward to being dispirited!

ANCIANT said...

That sounds interesting, actually. Tell me how it ends up. I mean, if you recommend it. And, if Reconstruction turns out differently in his book (the South doesn't institute sharecropping, e.g.)

Also, whatever happened to your daily posting.