Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 2: Tidbits

-Did you know in Britain, instead of 'tidbits' they say 'titbits?'  We Yanks changed it because we thought 'titbits' was too suggestive.  You did know that, didn't you?  Does everyone?  I don't know.  This is what happens when you work with fifteen year olds.  You start to lose sight of what is common knowledge.

-I lost ten pounds in the last half of last year.  My goal for this year is to lose ten more.  I'm going to try and increase my walking distance to a minimum of four miles, and my running distance to three.  Yesterday I ran 2.3 miles; for me that's pretty long.  I'll keep adding over the next few months.  By April I want to be at three miles per run.

-My weekend playoff predictions: Saints, Steelers, Texans and Giants.  I'm picking the Texans out of personal bias; I doubt I have enough distance and objectivity on the situation to think about it rationally (I would never bet on that game, for example).  The Giants are my playoff sleeper team.  They're incredibly erratic but when they play well they can play VERY well.  Last week against the Cowboys they looked great.  If they can keep going like that for the next few weeks, I predict they make it to the NFC Championship.

-One more football prediction: as long as Jerry Jones runs the team, the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl.

-Also (last football thing), how does Norv Turner still have a job?  I don't get it.

-Reading goal for the next month: ten pages of Herodotus a day.  I'm also going to start reading some of my Christmas books.  Not sure where that will start.

-Date night tonight.  Then, back to the tutoring grind.  I have to help someone prep for a US History test tomorrow.  It's been almost a year since I helped someone study US History so I'll have to spend the afternoon rereading my old High School textbook.  Then, I'll focus the whole lecture on US monetary policy in the 1880s.  Nothing kids like more than bimetallism, or learning about the Gold Standard.  And nothing that I like more explaining!  (Actually, I do like bimetallism.  But then, who doesn't?)

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