Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Am Not Issuing Another Post

Until at least five people respond to the Muppet Video below. At least watch it. And say you have.

Because I know that I, for example, rarely watch videos that are on blogs. And that I've been a bit lazy, putting up lots of non-original material.

But this is non-negotiable. Five people must post some post that indicates that they've seen it, that comments on some aspect of the video that they couldn't otherwise comment on, without having seen it. ("Mama??")

I'm through playing. Word.


JMW said...

So, let me get this straight. You're admitting that it's lazy to just post videos, and that you yourself don't watch the videos that other people post. And yet you're choosing this video as the moment to hold your blog hostage? Hmm.

Well, I've watched it here on your blog. (I had also watched it something like two years ago.) Love it. In return, I give you this:

Let's hope 4 more people respond. Come on, people.

Dezmond said...

Fine. I watched.

ANCIANT said...

I watched your Prince video.

I approved.

I have gotten emails from people who said they watched it.

I'm going through a Queen phase, too, right now. So a new post is up.

Thank you for playing