Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 5

The newest issue of Rolling Stone (I get it for free: I have no idea why) has on its cover Willie Nelson.  This makes me think of my esteemed friend, Johannes, who bears an unholy hatred of Good Sir Willie.  I don't really know why.  But he does.  Willie Nelson and monkeys--those are two things he hates.  But why?  What has Willie ever done to him?  Or monkeys, for that matter.

I'm going to respond to comments, btw, in subsequent posts.  Of course there have been not many comments yet.  So start commenting!  Is there some topic you'd like to hear me bloviate on?  Suggest it, and away I will bloviate!

The new episode of Hard Knocks is on tonight; that's something to look forward to.  So far I think the highlight of the show is Bryan Cox.  Check that: I know he's the highlight.  In the first episode he explained to his charges (the defensive line players) that the correct way to grab the opposing play was similar to the way that a man should hold a woman's breasts.  I.e. you don't GRAB, but you sort, of...I don't know, really.  His general point was lost on me.  I think it had to do with finesse, maybe?  But anyway, it was really funny.  

I've gotten my wife into it this season, which means that when I watch I get her persecutive.  That's been fun.  

I'm not very impressed with Mike Smith, though.  He doesn't have what it takes to win a Super Bowl.  I'll say that again.


Dezmond said...

That is strange, because I have been getting free issues of Rolling Stone lately as well. A promotion of some sort to get us hooked? I used to subscribe a long time ago.

I do not know why Johannes hate Willie so. I remember one time he told me that he thought Willie's promotion of pot was harmful. But Eric Clapton recording 'Layla' on heroin was OK for Johannes? What does that teach the children?! Become a heroin addict and you can make one of the greatest albums of all time!

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Cartooniste said...

Elena Ferrante: should I read her? Or will it just destroy my self-esteem? Discuss.