Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thirty Days of Blogging: Day 1

I'm going to post a little bit every day for the next thirty days.  Nothing large or ambitious, sadly, but little bits, at least.

I also wrote a longish rumination on the band Rush: I saw a documentary about them on one of the music stations, and it somehow affected me.  I'm not a fan of their music, especially, but there was something about the way that they portrayed themselves that I found simultaneously moving and irritating.  Neal Peart especially, with all his pompous and adolescent lyrics based on "the Individual vs Society" and "genius vs ordinariness" and all the other tropes that adolescent boys get off on--that got to me.

But that's for the future.  For now a few random thoughts about this and that.

Spoon: I bought the new album because Pitchfork keeps eulogizing their greatness.  I don't find it mind-blowing, but I do like it.  Especially the track "New York Kiss." Which is a great great name for a song, and a great idea.  That a kiss in New York as a meaning unavailable to a kiss in some other city.

Football: I've watched a shameful amount of football preview and roundtable shows this summer.  NFL Insiders on ESPN is a particular favorite.  Two thoughts: 1) Johnny Manziel will prove a disappointment; he won't make it as a starting QB.  2) Mike Smith (the Falcon coach) will never coach a team that wins a Super Bowl.


JMW said...

I've been away, so just seeing this now -- I'm glad you're doing it. Even if you're fudging the rules already. I've been toying with the idea myself. I miss blogging.

Thoughts on your first few posts: I hate Manziel. I hope you're right. And speaking of the Falcons, do you watch "Hard Knocks," the HBO show about training camp? I caught an episode in a hotel over the weekend. Great stuff.

I just finished "Reading Turgenev" by William Trevor. Heartbreaking. I love him so much.

Looking forward to thoughts on Rush, Breaking Bad and more.

Dezmond said...

I am also hoping for Johnny Football's failure.

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