Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27

Watched Hobson's Choice last night, a David Lean movie set in the 1890s.  Story is about a buffoonish domineering merchant who tries to prevent his three daughters from marrying.  The heroine, his eldest daughter, contrives a way to escape the house by proposing to one of the cobblers who works in her father's shop.  Cobbler is unwilling and confused but the eldest daughter is not to be denied; a force of nature, she succeeds in wrenching the cobbler out of her father's shop and ultimately setting him up in his own business.  For me this is the best David Lean movie ever made.  Highly, highly recommended.  Dickens meets Balzac meet Daumier with top-notch performances by all involved (Charles Laughton as the blustering, bumbling father was particularly good).

More than halfway through Part I of Tom Jones on tape.  Have to admit my appetite to keep reading has diminished.  Not sure I'm ready for 20 more hours of this stuff.

Very difficult day of work.  Am at the glowing core, where all the electric lines run together.  Had one great idea and many bad ones.  Blargh.

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Dezmond said...

Good recommendation. The only Lean films I've seen are the epics, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge On the River Kwai (one of my all time favorites) and Dr. Zivagozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'll check that one out.