Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23

Just got an email from amazon recommending I buy Yes's "Close to The Edge."  In college, my freshman year, I listened to that album almost every day, turned up as loud as my roommate's stereo could go (well not that loud.  But very loud).  The whole dorm came to know it.  But amazon is right; it is the definitive prog rock album.  One I haven't heard in a long time.  Time to rectify that maybe?  Chris Squire's bassline is the crucial element.

Yesterday a long wasted time of waiting for a plumber who never arrived.  Took Binks to groomer and read my book about cell biology.  I should write more about it later.  Right now I have to go take the wife's car to have its oil changed.  So much time in my life and yet the errands seem to devour it.


Dezmond said...

I go with Genesis's "Foxtrot" or "Selling England By the Pound," personally.

ANCIANT said...

I was also going to mention King Crimson's 'Starless and Bible Black' in that post. I'd put it the running. Or maybe 'Red.'

It's an odd thing to say, but I think Gabriel-era Genesis is too accessible and unpretentious (!!) to be considered quintessential prog rock.

Dezmond said...

Peter Gabriel is not pretentious enough for you? "Supper's Ready?" The entire Lamb Lies Down on Broadway double album?