Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup So Far

I've watched about ten of the games in the World Cup so far; I've seen all the major teams play at least once and am therefore more than qualified to competently assess the entire tournament, and, in fact, all of World Football.

Some random thoughts:

- The Team To Beat for me, is Argentina.  They made a fairly solid South Korean team look like amateurs. The score finished 4-1, but it could have been much higher.  Their defense is average, at best, but oh my God can they score.  Exciting; electric--if you watch any games from now on out, try and watch theirs.  Even if they lose, it won't be a 0-0 draw.

- I read an article last week comparing Ronaldo to ARod; at the time I thought it was unfair to Ronaldo.  Now I think it's unfair to ARod.  Whiny, pouty, and given to flopping on the ground in "pain" whenever an opposing player even breathes on him, he is by far my least favorite player in the game today.  Luckily, I think the Portuguese are probably not getting out of group play.  At least, I hope.

-The US were obviously robbed of a victory today against Slovenia.  All the articles I've read about it thus far have said something along the lines of "Well, it was a bad call, but these things happen."  To which I say: YEAH WELL THEY#)@$* SHOULDN'T.  Taking away that victory from us is very likely to cost advancing beyond the first round.  Can't there be replays on goal kicks?  Can't it be reviewed after the match?  And why oh why was such a terrible ref allowed to work our game?

Yes, I know: we shouldn't have let the Slovenes get two goals in the first place.  Well, we did.  And then--we scored three more.  THREE MORE.  Three is more than two.  Therefore, we should have won.  Check that: we did win.  Okay?  We won.  WE WON.  So why are we only getting credit for a draw?  Why?   Somebody tell me??


-Except Argentine football.  That, I do not hate.  Maradona (who, by the way, my wife and I once saw in person, in the Lima airport) gives a press conference like no one else.  It's like...if Rasheed Wallace were made a coach, and given the freedom to say anything he liked, whenever he liked, that's what Maradona is.  The man is totally out of his mind.  But in the best possible way.  And, he's got his team playing well.  That must mean something.  Right?  


JMW said...

I'm intrigued by this soccer team you mention that actually scores goals. I may have to look into it. If I can overcome my crippling indifference to the sport.

JMW said...

And this:

Barbara Carlson said...

Yeah, JMW -- a bunch of millionaires running around in their underwear...
Still, when it's the best of the best, there must be some merit in watching. My fav line in this post?


ANCIANT said...

It probably goes without saying, but I should have added Brazil to the list of teams worth watching. They're always a favorite, so I didn't bother. But they made short work of Ivory Coast today.

At least 40% of the pleasure in watching these matches comes from the commentators. British people using British idioms. A whole philosophy and ideology suggested by a few simple phrases.

The Simpsons clips were great, of course.

My favorite moment is when the player leaps into the air and high fives the pilot of the blimp. Exactly right, that moment.

I do hate sports, too. I don't care about any of it, and yet I watch. So I must care, right? I don't know. I watched three hours of US Open Golf today. Who knows why.

Barbara Carlson said...

We watch the best of the best play games because they make it into an art. Also see: The Olympics & So You Think You Can Dance & Masters golf.

We like to watch dedicated people who have found that One Thing that gives their lives meaning. People who haven't found that O.T. watch enthralled as well, swept up by that "chill factor" that makes your skin wanna leave your body (and can bring tears to your eyes). It's the Divine made visible.

Finley Hamilton said...

Ronaldo ronaldo, the The A Team who smelled the sides concern around the room doing the hula-hula till morning