Thursday, June 10, 2010

" get some printer toner or to take the cat to the vet..."

The best sitcom on TV right now is called Peep Show.  It's on BBC America and is, as you would assume, Albanian.

Wait, no.  It's British.  There's no Albanian TV network broadcast in America.  Although if there were, I'd watch it.  (Assuming it were shown in English.  Which seems unlikely.  More unlikely than the existence of an all-Albanian TV network broadcast in America, even.)

Peep Show has two stars.  David Mitchell is one of them.  The clip above is written and performed by David Mitchell.  It is, I think, hi-larious.  Also smart.  Much like the show.  And, while we're making lists, the British themselves.


joven said...

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Barbara Carlson said...

It's not SO much that Brits are smarter, it's their accent. Have two people, one a Brit and one a Southern redneck, say the EXACT same get where I'm goin' with this.

But I'm married to a Brit and he does The Guardian Cryptic crossword, for fun. I'm American and when he gives me the clues, my mind goes tharn. A Brit's education is better (at least it used to be) and they "look the other way", push the logic, take the serious lightly & the silly seriously. Great package.

We will check out the BBC PEEP SHOW.
AND -- I love his British teeth!
(But imagine Albanian teeth...)

Johannes said...

Because, as you know, it's an inflatable hover fort.