Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Been A Long Time Since I Bink And Rolled

I got an iPhone a few months ago. Thus far the thing I like best about it is that it allows me take pictures of my dog whenever I want. Is this useful? Of course not. Does it justify the outrageous 30$/month surcharge AT&T charges customers for 'data transfer?' No it does not. On the other hand, I now have over 100 pictures of The Bink at my fingertips whenever I need them. And that is pretty great.

My wife and I depart tomorrow on vacation (we're going to Kauai). We're going to lie in the sun, hike in the rain forest, and (maybe) surf in the ocean. The only thing we're not going to do is see our dog. Luckily I'll have my photos. Here are some of my faves....

Here he looks like both wise and ancient. I call it my Tolstoy shot.

Dramatic, huh? Every hour or so he comes up to my chair and turns that look upon me. I'm never quite sure what it means.

Nothing fancy here: just straight-up cute.

Of all of the many arch-villians who plague our neighborhood, there's only one who's evil enough to agitate the Bink like this. The Mailman has drawn nigh....

When you nap as hard as Bink does, it's important that you stretch when you get done. Otherwise, you risk a serious injury.

Sleeping for the Bink is not a stationary experience.


Barbara Carlson said...

"Dramatic, huh? Every hour or so he comes up to my chair and turns that look upon me. I'm never quite sure what it means."

It means he's ready for his close-up, silly. These pics are wonderful. The sleeping dog sequence is too funny.

Have a good holiday; try to leave yourself at home.
You know what I mean.

Johannes said...

Hawaii. I'm so jealous. I'm frequently nostalgic for the good times I had there at Andy and Deb's wedding.

I took surfing lessons at waikiki beach and ti was great fun. When the board is huge and the waves are small it's actually pretty easy. You'll be north shore by no time.

As always, I enjoy the Binks. It's brave way he stands up to the mailman - dude scares me to death.

Barbara Carlson said...

Yes, Binks is too funny, but you are too.

Barbara Carlson said...

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