Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Mojo From Amazon

Does anyone else think this is hilarious? It's smack at the top of the home page. Is this a book they have for sale or a cache of highly enriched plutonium? (If you find it hard to read, click on the image. It will enlarge).


Dezmond said...

For some reason, my favorite part is "they will deliver it to you wirelessly while you sleep." That is kind of creepy.

JMW said...

Dez, for every reason! That's the best part, hands down.

Dan Brown: More of The Leader than Obama. Believe.

Barbara Carlson said...

...and after reading it, we will be able to say, "At last we know what might have happened!!!"

(Sorry, but I just thought three exclamation points were demanded here.)

Cartooniste said...

I didn't know there *were* 51 languages. But one thing I have enjoyed about all this is that it's like the publishing Olympics. Every breathless announcement sounds in my head like the announcers for the rhythmic gymnastics finals, Czechoslovakia versus Ukraine, circa 1984. Up next on ABC.