Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Status Update Wombat

No big topics here, but I thought I'd give my legion of half-crazed fans a soupcon of glorious ANCIANT.

Glorious glorious.

-What the hell is up with Glee? I got suckered into watching it by all the hype; so far I have to say it pretty much sucks. When the episodes are good, it's almost always because the songs are good. Having ten people do a rock/a capella version of "Don't Stop Believing" is, of course, totally excellent--but only because Journey itself is totally excellent. Take away the Journey, and what do you have? A show with fantastically cartoon-like characters, ridiculous storylines, and jokes any fifteen year old could outdo. I'm giving it one more episode.

-I've been watching SportsNight on DVD. I was a huge fan of the show during its original run and I had high hopes for the DVDs. I have to say: so far, they don't live up to my memories. What was irritating about Sorkin's writing style has gotten way more irritating, and what was moving now seems a little overwrought. I'm hoping the second season gets better. That's the one I remember as being best.

-My god have I lost a lot of money playing online poker in the last month.

-Due date for screenplay rough draft: Sunday. Looks like it's going to happen. And the angels will dance.

-I'm on a white bean kick. The way I learn to cook new dishes is by taking an ingredient and working on it every night for, say, a year. Right now it's cannellini beans. My poor wife. She's tired of them already, and it's only week one. But I'm going to learn to cook some damn good white beans, by mid-2010. That's the plan.

-Also, seared tuna. Although that's not much of a challenge.

-Tuna: 22.00$/pound. What the hell!?

-Two book recommendations: The Stars, My Destination by A. Bester and The Warrior's Apprentice by L. McMaster Bujold. The best kind of page-turners; enthralling but not insulting. Nutritive and tasty! (Unlike my cannellini beans).

-What does the photo up there have to do with these entires? That's my riddle to you. The first person to tell me will receive a (now out-of-date) copy of College Board's The Official SAT Study Guide. As well as a pound of white beans with rosemary and bacon. And maybe some other stuff.


JMW said...

I don't know what the photo has to do with anything, but: Good to know I can skip Glee. I've been annoyed by the ubiquitous posters for it around town. I had a similar experience with Sports Night a few years ago -- stick with it, though. The later episodes are better, though not as good as we remembered them. Even by Sorkin's standards, everyone speaks in the same rhythm, which is annoying. And the laugh track in season one! Huge mistake, and just getting rid of it helped enormously.

So, you're recommending lots of white beans and fantasy novels? (Are those two books fantasy novels?) I don't know if I can trust you....

Katherine said...

God, L had a white bean phase. We're still married, but that's about all I can say on that subject.

Also, did I tell you I'm reading The Beautiful and Damned? It's given me reading again. I missed reading novels. Did we talk about this already? Well, it's still true.

Barbara Carlson said...

I know the answer but won't say it because I don't want the prize -- BEANS! white, notwithstanding! Don't know why they even grow the stuff.