Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Looked Like This....But Real

This starts out ok but halfway through becomes amazing. Sublime, almost. That's the job I want to have: to stand behind the cutout of a cardboard bear and try to manipulate it so that it looks like it's really alive.

For some reason this reminded me intensely of my friend, Johannes. J, if you're out there: this is for you. [Via Andrew Sullivan]


Bryan Guilliams said...

And it's another great moment for Fox News.

JMW said...

Incredible. Fair, balanced, and lame!

Of course, that giant foam, talking chipmunk(?) head toward the end tells me that they had a sense of humor about the bear reenactments. (The guy putting the bear up the tree slayed me.)

But let's not lose sight of so much other greatness in such a short clip:

"the good nature word for poop"


"It was an adrenaline rush, and I think you can only take one of those a year." What's the opposite of a daredevil?

Barbara Carlson said...

A "dust bunny" ?