Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Coming

My friend Dez, over at GNABB, has just finished compiling a list of his "Top Fifty Movies of All Time."  It's got me thinking.  It's got me inspired.  It's got me riled.  And so, my fellow readers, be prepared.  Soon, I too will have a list.  Magnificent and shining it will be as a beacon, giving light succor to the blighted citizens of our weak and weary world.

Probably it will feature The Muppets.



JMW said...

I'll have a list, too, but I have to dig a big movie book out of storage first. Have to make a master list of what I've seen.

I love the Muppets. So much.

Dezmond said...

Ah, lists, glorious lists. The movie list was fun. Let it be stressed that my list was a "favorites" list, not an AFI-type attempt to list what I think the 50 Best or Most Important movies were. Those would look quite different. I had no muppets on my list. Unless Yoda is a muppet.

JMW said...

Dez, are you implying that if your list had been an AFI-type attempt, it would have had Muppets on it? Three or four of their movies, maybe?

Dezmond said...

No. I was making two distinct points. 1. This was not an AFI-type list; 2. Mine contained no muppets, unless Yoda is a muppet.

Cartooniste said...

Yoda totally counts as a Muppet.

Also, a friend was recently visiting and informed us that she hadn't seen "Star Wars." Silence gripped the table.

And flung it across the room.

Dezmond said...

When was this coming again?