Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Predictions

I'm following Major League Baseball this summer, in large part because I like watching "Baseball Tonight" every night before I go to bed. I've probably only watched a handful of actual games, and none in their entirety. But will I let that stop me from issuing many (semi-) bold predictions about the second half of the season? Of course not. Here goes.

1) The Tampa Bay Rays (Devil no longer, for those who haven't been watching) will not make the playoffs.
2) The Anaheim Angels will win the AL.
3) The Phillies will win the NL.
4) The Mets WILL make the playoffs.
5) Eric Young will be fired from Baseball Tonight and never allowed to set foot in front of a TV camera again.

Well, ok; the last one's not so much a prediction as a hope. A fervent, fervent hope.


Mark Andrews said...
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Mark Andrews said...

Oops. Time to join the Bunker Hill Day League. Check it out:

Next season.

Go Sox.

JMW said...

Hmm. It's true the Rays are probably the top team most likely to slump down the stretch, because they have a lot of young key players. But I'm hoping against that -- if the Yankees can't rally (and they've looked good so far post-All Star break), then the Rays beating the Sox would be the next best thing.

The Angels always strike me as soft for some reason. They'll definitely run away with that division, though.

Mets and Phils both look tough, but I like the Brew Crew or the Cubs to win the NL wild card (depending on who wins the division). They should give two wild cards in the NL and bar the West winner from the playoffs.

So, who will win your world series -- Angels or Phillies?

ANCIANT said...

Thanks, I will do so.
I don't think the Brewers are going to make it. I wish they would, but I don't believe. (Although Sabathia has been incredible). I know the Cubs are the class of the NL but I somehow feel they'll blow it in the end. I don't know why. I also think the DBacks, from the NL West, are better than their record: I think they might end up going deep in the playoffs (their starting pitching, as you know, is filthy).

As for the Angels, it's true: they tend to fall apart come September. But for some reason I'm thinking this season will be different. Maybe just because I'm in SoCal now--I've caught the fever?

Who the hell knows.
I'll say Angels in the World Series, in 6.