Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Bink-Related Entry

Since acquiring a small dog, I've been thinking a lot about Calvin and Hobbes. There's a certain expression that Elliot assumes--always after he's inflicted some depredation on our apartment--which this strip perfectly summarizes:

That's it--Calvin's got it. "What? What are you concerned about?" I guess you'd have to call it innocence, though it seems like beyond even that.

OF COURSE he's unravelling an entire roll of toilet paper. Of COURSE he's eaten three strips of masking tape, and then chewed a hole in his bed. Those things are nearby, aren't they? What do you expect him to do? NOT eat the masking tape?  WHERE WOULD BE THE FUN IN THAT?

1 comment:

Cartooniste said...

One man's dirty wadded up kleenex is another man's bubble gum.

A truism of puppyhood.