Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've been watching tennis since I was six years old. I've seen all of our era's greats: McEnroe, Connors, Agassi, Sampras. I've seen maybe 60% of the Grand Slam finals in the last fifteen years. I have never seen a match like this one. I never will. Superlatives are overused and comparisons are odious, but still: this year's Men's Wimbledon final was the greatest tennis match I have ever seen. I will be amazed if a better one is ever played. Both men hit shots that no other tennis player has ever been able to hit--over and over and over. It lasted five sets, almost five hours. It was epic. More than that, it was sublime. Insofar as watching sports can ever approach the sensation of experiencing great art, this did.


Cartooniste said...

Welcome to middle age. May I offer you a digestive biscuit and a copy of "Escrow Today"?

ANCIANT said...

Really? Tennis means you're middle age? I'm happy to cop to it, because I am an old man. But I don't think tennis is reason, or the symptom, or whatever you want to call it. Besides, Cartooniste, you're a HOMEOWNER. You worry about molding, and foundation repair. So who's really older, in spirit?

JMW said...

I think tennis is the best spectator sport. And there's certainly nothing middle age about it -- the best players are (essentially) done by 30, and I can't think of a sport that demands more athleticism.

That said, I was on the road yesterday during this match, which angers me more than you can understand.

Seb said...

Did you wash your hands?

Cartooniste said...

Fair enough, ANCIANT. I fully admit that since becoming someone who refers to "my contractor" and says things like "I nearly forgot I'm meeting with the house insurance inspector this afternoon," I am much more middle aged than I ever thought possible.

But watching tennis on television, like watching golf on television, is a highly MA activity. I say, own your MA-ness. 40 is the new 20!

Also, you guys are going to love this house. And puppies are always welcome.